For me interior designing is not simply a profession: it is a style of living.

After finishing the polytechnic university I gained experience in designing at various furniture factories and commercial companies, both inland and international. Later I graduated in interior designing at Junior Art Center, Budapest.

I follow the current interior designing trends on inland and international exhibitions and events, thus improving my expertise. I observe the international literature, furniture market, new materials and their possible applications.

Using my international experiences I take on the designing of flats (from apartments to exclusive penthouses), self-contained and summer houses, offices and restaurants – regardless of frontiers.

It is an honour for me to implement the wishes of the client, as well as to help them create an environment that reflects their personality. I consider it important to find a new and personal solution for the implementation of every plan, with the help of the technological innovations of the 21st century, creating harmony in the enterior.
Szvetlana Majlinger
chartered woodworking engineer